Tunis Air

Tunis AirTunis Air took its start in 1948 and then provided country and different sites all over the world with enormous services that make it a flag carrier airline of the Tunis. It works both for the domestic flights as well as for the international ones. In international sector it takes into account numerous European destinations along with African and Middle Eastern sites.It has its headquarters in Tunis near Tunis Airport.

Destinations and Services

It takes over 60 destinations round the globe with the reasonable prices and optimal services. It has the fleet size of 35 which can manage the most traffic coming across.

The services are just amazing and one can enjoy the finest traveling experience with Tunis Air. Business class offers the enormous resting facilities that may include the serving of bed rests or wide cousins. Further one can also have the creative opportunity to enjoy the updated coverage through online sites.

Meal Availability

The site is just built to facilitate the passengers in guiding them about what and how to select for themselves and get the true insight of the services and facilities that Tunis Air is offering them. Gourmet meal together with drinks available all the time makes your trip entertained on the flight. Further the availability of the entertaining tools together with the access of the internet make your experience worth to be remembered in the simplest ever respects.

Online Facilities

The online seat booking and ticket purchasing is available within just a few clicks and you need not to wait for anything while logging on the site. It has been found that payment channels are also simple but the requirement of advance booking is essential as it gives the secured seat reservation in easiest way. Within months' time different deals are offered time and again to give way to your financial ease. The only thing you need to do is to log on to the site as it makes all things done at your end and any offers that are reliant to the site passengers, they are mailed to the Inbox. Therefore there are no worries when you are thinking to travel with Tunis Air as it has all packages for your luxury travel as well as for the economy as well as cheap offers. Therefore make your way with Tunis air today and make the traveling experience seamless and memorable in every possible respect.